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Dear friends throughout our immigrant communities,

Like you, I’m concerned about the path ahead as we usher in a new President who has anti-immigrant sentiments.  For the past several days, I’ve fielded calls from alarmed friends and relatives and employers who care deeply for their loved one, friend or employee.  I hear the angst and concern in their voices and the stifled tears.  I listened to a voicemail from a youngster who wanted to know if her big brother could help her. 

I want you to know that I, along with other immigration attorneys and advocates, will do all I can in your behalf.  Quite honestly, nobody knows what will happen in the coming months and like you, I want to know what will happen.  As immigration advocates, we’ll keep reaching out for signs and information so that we can try to provide you  with the best possible information and advice that we can.

I hope that the President-Elect and Congress are able to see the true values that our immigrant brothers and sisters bring to America.  You’ve raised children here and you’ve worked hard and often in industries that provide thankless, hard, low-paying jobs that US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents aren’t willing to take.  You’ve paid taxes and not just sales taxes – federal, state and property as well.  Many of you have been here for years.

While there will certainly be changes and a number of them will be tough for our immigrant community, I hope that our federal government will see that ideas like mass deportation simply aren’t realistic.  It is too costly and unimaginable in scope and process.  Further, mass deportation will only cause more pain and heartache to American Citizens who are part of these families as well as those of us who rely (whether  acknowledged or not) on the service and labor of our immigrant brothers and sisters.  

Know that I and others in my field and throughout our community care deeply about your plight.  We will not stop working in your behalf.   We believe in you.

Most Sincerely,


Who We Are

We understand how overwhelming immigration issues can be, we are sensitive to the frustrations foreign nationals face when dealing with the government. It is our goal to help clients understand and maneuver the various governmental procedures required in the immigration process.

At Alice Glover Immigration Law in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, we help immigrants attain immigration status in the United States with a focus on individuals who hope to reunite with their families. Our track record is solid and we only take on cases we plan to win.  We pride ourselves on providing clients with the care and respect they deserve in a kind and supportive manner throughout the life of the case.  

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