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Competitively Priced Immigration Law Services

Alice Glover Immigration Law in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, strives to provide optimized immigration law services at the best possible rates. Book an initial consultation with us to learn how we can help you. 

Our Rates and Consultation Philosophy

We set aside 60 minutes for our consutations and we charge a flat fee of $150 for an initial consultation to discuss and analyze your case. If you hire our firm to handle your case, we will credit you with the $150 fee you paid with your initial visit.

The goal of our initial consultation is for you to understand your immigration issues and to provide ideas and guidance as to how to proceed, should you decide to move forward on your own. If you desire continued representation in your case, we will provide you further cost estimates and we will credit you with having paid the consultation fee. 

Immigration cases are often complex and the legal advice is too important for a quick, fifteen or twenty minute conversation with numerous sources.  Our reputation depends on our legal advice and your case is important to us -- we want to consider every option available and to do so, we feel an in-person, detailed conversation to evaluate your case and to discuss your goals and objectives is an essential part of this collaborative process so that we can offer you the best possible guidance. 

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Retainer Fees

When you hire our firm to handle your case, the fees we charge for our immigration law services vary according to the nature of your case. So that you know exactly how much you will pay in legal fees, we charge flat fees for our services, with no hidden costs.

Translation Services
Spanish translation services may be provided if you give us advance notice. 

Contact us for outstanding immigration law services at sensible rates.